Rimind Me

AWS Reserved Instance Notification Service

Manage AWS RI costs
Take control of your AWS bills by making sure you never miss a Reserved Instance expiration. RImind will monitor your EC2, RDS, Redshift and ElastiCache reservations and let you know when they're coming to an end. Reservations are checked daily or you can use the RImind dashboard to check your reservations at any time.

AWS Notification
Once per month - Generic - No specific dates
RImind Notification
Checked Daily - Exact RI - Links to AWS Console
Once you've completed integration you'll have full access to the RImind dashboard for free. If you wish to continue using RImind or receive notifications you can select one of our plans. Our plans are for one AWS account and any number of RIs, choose from monthly $3.00 or an annual $30.00 plan.
Quick Start
To get started, you'll need to give RImind access to view information about your reserved instances. This takes about 3-5 minutes and requires that your AWS account has permission to add IAM roles.